Bridgewest Finance (New Zealand)

"We lend to New Zealand companies"

Bridgewest Finance is a leading speciality finance firm that provides financing solutions to small and medium sized companies. The Bridgewest Group, with over $1 billion under management globally, has significant experience lending and investing across multiple industries including life sciences, technology, and commercial real estate.

Why us?


We can custom tailor financing. Every opportunity is unique and so is every solution.


We know that everyone we deal with has a dream to success and grow their business. We strive to be the most respected lender within our niche and help business owners achieve their dreams.


We aim to turn around decisions fast, so you move ahead and grow your business.

Does your company need finance?

"To develop, adapt, grow or restructure"

Can your company provide security?

"Personal Guarantees, GSA, mortgages"

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Finance Information


From $500,000 to $2,000,000+

Interest Rates

Interest rates starting at 8%
Setup fees starting at 3%


Minimum term of 1 year

Example Loans

Collateral Loan

  • $1m loan on $2m collateral
  • GSA and personal guarantee
  • 12 month term, principal at maturity
  • 8% cash interest + warrants
  • 3% setup free

Bridging Finance

  • $500k bridging loan on $1.5m building
  • First mortgage over building
  • 12 month term, amortised
  • 9% cash interest
  • 2% setup free

Intangible Asset Loan

  • $1m loan on intangible asset business
  • GSA over company
  • Personal guarantee
  • 1 year, principal at maturity
  • 8% cash interest, +equity
  • Right to defer interest payments and extend loan for up to 2 months